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Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 3.52.31 PM April 09

Champion Grants, an innovative encouragement program

by Haruka Maruno, Community Program Lead Japan employees around the world are passionate about giving back to their communities. To reward these community leaders, the foundation have launched Champion Grants. Once an employee has achieved their goal of volunteering 48 hours in a year, they can request $1,000 payment to the charity of his choice. […]

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Japan Winter Volunteering Weeks 2013

by Haruka Maruno, Community Program Lead Japan Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya have actively participated to various volunteer activities during autumn and winter. Employees took action on social issues that they were interested individually or as a team. The total volunteer hours has reached to 6,300 hours during February to December 2013. Here are some […]

06 December 02

How a Team Grant supports NPO Florence in Japan

by Haruka Maruno, Community Program Lead Japan employees around the world are passionate about giving back to their communities. The Foundation is honored to be able to support these efforts through our Team Grants, which provide funds to help pay for the volunteering event. The activity must run for a minimum of 4 hours […]

Wait… I’m not that kind of engineer!

by Paul Baptist, Software Engineer, Australia Those were the first words I blurted out when our Foundation Manager, Tilly Josephson told me I was going to be leading the building team in Cambodia. You see, when a light bulb needs changing, I get ‘a guy’ to do that! There’s a reason the word software precedes […]

IMG_5797 November 11

Customer Company Tour Japan 2013

by Haruka Maruno, Community Program Lead Japan We successfully finished the Customer Company Tour Japan event on the 30th October 2013. It was the biggest event of a cloud computing in Japan and there were over 4,000 attendees who enjoyed the event. In the pre-show before a keynote session, Mr.Uo, CEO of Fundrex which our consulting […]

CloudRun Singapore 2013 Raises 100,000SGD for a local nonprofit

  by Esther Nai, Foundation Program Executive, Singapore At West Coast Park, Singapore, 152 employees turned up for the afternoon run and managed to raise a truly impressive amount of funds for TOUCH Community Service, bringing the total to 100,000 SGD, with a match coming in from Foundation. This year, the funds raised will go […]

IMG_5641 October 17

CloudRun Japan 2013

by Haruka Maruno, Community Program Lead Japan On October 11th in beautiful sunshine, Tokyo office held CloudRun 2013 around the Imperial Palace grounds. CloudRun is a global charity run organized by and  held at offices globally, this year at Sydney, Singapore, India and Tokyo. In total, 74 attendees from Tokyo office, a partner […]

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Japan BizAcademy in summer 2013

by Haruka Maruno, Community Program Lead Japan On August 8th-9th, staff from the Tokyo office held BizAcademy with Bridge for Smile(B4S). B4S supports young people who have grown up in children’s homes and are about to leave to live on their own. In total, seven high school students attended our program with sessions designed […]

Force For Change Grants July 26

3 Ways to Make the Case for Technology Funding at a Nonprofit

by Rick Jacobus, Director, Cornerstone Partnership at NCB Capital Impact For profit businesses are routinely able to raise significant capital in the expectation that a new technology will create higher profits over the long term. Nonprofits, by definition, can’t make this same promise and, therefore, find it much harder to raise the kind of money necessary […]

1066815_627532500605404_743159149_o July 26

Healthy Communities Japan with Multicultural Center Tokyo

by Haruka Maruno, Community Program Lead Japan On July 6th, staff from the Tokyo office held the 1st Healthy Communities program with  Multicultural Center Tokyo(MCT). MCT provides educational support to immigrant children, with a special focus on helping youths access high schools in Japan. セールスフォース・ドットコム ファンデーションでは、認定NPO法人多文化共生センター東京とパートナーシップを組み、Healthy Communities program*を実施しました。 *Healthy Communities program とは: セールスフォース・ドットコム社員が生活・勤務する地域社会に対し、1%モデルの力を結集させるプログラムです。革新的な非営利団体とパートナーシップを結び、よりよい地域社会をつくるために、特に教育・健康・就業をテーマにコミットします。

Singapore BizAcademy Group Presentation July 11

Singapore BizAcademy a Huge Success with Students and Mentors alike

Over five days from the 17th to 21st June, Foundation, in partnership with Halogen Foundation ran a business and leadership apprenticeship in which 12 students got to learn about running a business and expand their networks in this globally run program. This year we asked our students to document their 5-day journey through a […]


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