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Juma Ventures August 05

Getting off of spreadsheets and into the ballpark

by Sophie C. Speer, Development Associate, Juma Ventures We all know the call. You’re at a baseball game, when over the crowd you hear “Ice cream! Get your ice cream!” Ballpark concessions have fueled hungry fans throughout the history of the game. Now, America’s favorite pastime is fueling opportunities for America’s youth to earn money […]

SalesforceFoundation_Householding_tile June 17

When to choose the Nonprofit Starter Pack?

At Cloud for Good, we have been working with hundreds of nonprofit and educational organizations over the last few years. Some are very small, all-volunteer based, and some are extremely large with offices in multiple countries. Some need to track donors and volunteers and some classes and trees. However, they all have one common question, […]

Nonprofit Starter Pack Sprints to New Features

by Kevin Bromer, Solutions Architect, Foundation (reposted from PS. We are releasing a new version of the Relationships package of the Nonprofit Starter Pack soon. Want to see the new features? Join me for a webinar on January 10th. I’m not going to lie in this post: I’m fairly certain I’m still not caught up […]

NPSP Households Version 2.4 Now Available

By Kevin Bromer, Solutions Architect. Reposted from Version 2.4 of the Nonprofit Starter Pack Households package is now generally available and can be installed using this link. Join us for a webinar overview of the new features on Wednesday, June 27th at 9:00AM PDT. Register at

Nonprofit Starter Pack Developer Sprint 2012

by Kevin Bromer, Solutions Architect, Foundation (reposted from Well that’s a wrap. Three amazing days of hacking on amazing new features for the Nonprofit Starter Pack, new tools and resources for nonprofits, and new packages and functionality for the community as a whole. At the risk of understating things, it was pretty damn awesome. […]

How Do I Enter This Donation? A Primer for NPSP users.

by Nick Bailey, Developer with Foundation. Reposted from his blog. One of the recurring questions in the Salesforce for nonprofits world is about how we handle money and enter Donations/Opportunities to best track donations, grants, etc. Here, I’ll outline how I handle common scenarios in the Non Profit Starter Pack (NPSP), and how […]


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