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Dreamforce_2013_Logo_Small copy November 08

Salesforce MVP’s Picks for Dreamforce 2013 – Seth Gorav

Seth Gorav, Salesforce Platform Manager, ASHOKA 1. Tell us a little about yourself? Been working on SFDC since 2008, when I migrated my nonprofit from a custom PHP system to SFDC NPSP. I’m now the primary admin at Ashoka, where we have 400 users that keep me on my toes. 2. How many times have […]

judi October 31

Salesforce MVP’s Picks for Dreamforce 2013 – Judi Sohn

Judi Sohn, Senior Solution Architect, KELL Partners 1. Tell us a little about yourself? I helped start the Colorectal Cancer Coalition in 2005. Within a few months, I realized we needed a good offline database and I found Salesforce. Back then there were not many resources so I had to learn most everything on my own. […]

kathy October 29

Salesforce MVP’s Picks for Dreamforce 2013 -Kathy Lueckeman

Kathy Lueckeman, Senior Director of CRM and Graduate Admissions, Wayne State Univeristy 1. Tell us a little about yourself? I’m the Senior Director of CRM and Graduate Admissions Director at Wayne State University in Detroit, Mich. (though I live about 45 miles north of Detroit on a little lake in a bedroom community). We launched […]

marc baizman October 24

Salesforce MVP’s Picks for Dreamforce 2013 – Marc Baizman

Marc Baizman, Senior Business Systems Analyst, Communispace 1. Tell us a little about yourself? I’ve been working with Salesforce and nonprofits since 2006, back in the olden days of “the nonprofit template.” My day job is as a Salesforce Administrator at Communispace, a marketing agency in Boston. 2. How many times have you been to […]

release-notes September 24

5 Steps to Getting the Most from a Salesforce Release

As you might know, is constantly innovating and upgrading their platform in the form of updates released to your ORG three times a year. These new product releases can seem a bit overwhelming, but there are some simple steps you can take to keep up with the platform and continue to get the most […]

mycases August 18

How to log a technical support ticket with

The Standard Success plan includes access to technical support with a 2-business-day response time for support cases logged via the Help & Training portal. Every Foundation customer has access to a Standard Success plan. To submit a technical support case, go to the Help and Training portal and click the “Contact Support” […]

wp May 30

Integrating Salesforce CRM and WordPress CMS

Imagine connecting one of the world’s most popular CMS to the world’s most popular CRM.  Turns out you can have your cake and eat it, too. We’re here to tell you about some options to harness the power of these two systems and transfer data from WordPress to Salesforce. Organizations can choose from a variety of […]

help May 22

Nonprofit Study Results: The One Solution Everyone Seems to Want

In the previous post, we discussed “Four Key Challenges that Nonprofits Face when Implementing Salesforce,” as confirmed by an in-depth study of organizations of all sizes and types. Today’s post focuses on the other half of the study: Which proposed solution seems to get the community most excited?  We’ll also hear from Alicia Schmidt, the […]

work-how May 15

Top Tips for Choosing a CRM for Fundraising

What’s the first thing a fundraiser learns?  Say “thank you.”  And why?  Because the first rule of fundraising is this: It’s all about relationships.  When you go to choose new a fundraising system, keep that rule front-and-center.  How will the system I’m looking at help me better identify, cultivate and manage relationships?  How will the […]

SD-cust-study-challenge-1-blog-600a May 15

4 Key Challenges NPO’s Face When Implementing Salesforce

When executed right, adopting Salesforce can be transformational for a nonprofit.  It can change the entire way an organization operates, helping their transition to a smarter, more efficient, more data-driven, and ultimately more impactful operation. But it doesn’t take very long working with nonprofits on Salesforce to recognize that the same set of challenges keep […]

plone May 07

How to Integrate Plone CMS and Salesforce

by Sally Kleinfeldt, Director of Consulting Services at Jazkarta, which develops custom web applications and sophisticated content management systems using the most advanced and secure open source technologies available. She has many years of experience in web development, data and content management, search and information retrieval, GIS and data visualization, and agile software development practices. She […]


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