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release-notes September 24

5 Steps to Getting the Most from a Salesforce Release

As you might know, salesforce.com is constantly innovating and upgrading their platform in the form of updates released to your ORG three times a year. These new product releases can seem a bit overwhelming, but there are some simple steps you can take to keep up with the platform and continue to get the most […]

Juma Ventures August 05

Getting off of spreadsheets and into the ballpark

by Sophie C. Speer, Development Associate, Juma Ventures We all know the call. You’re at a baseball game, when over the crowd you hear “Ice cream! Get your ice cream!” Ballpark concessions have fueled hungry fans throughout the history of the game. Now, America’s favorite pastime is fueling opportunities for America’s youth to earn money […]

work-how May 15

Top Tips for Choosing a CRM for Fundraising

What’s the first thing a fundraiser learns?  Say “thank you.”  And why?  Because the first rule of fundraising is this: It’s all about relationships.  When you go to choose new a fundraising system, keep that rule front-and-center.  How will the system I’m looking at help me better identify, cultivate and manage relationships?  How will the […]

plone May 07

How to Integrate Plone CMS and Salesforce

by Sally Kleinfeldt, Director of Consulting Services at Jazkarta, which develops custom web applications and sophisticated content management systems using the most advanced and secure open source technologies available. She has many years of experience in web development, data and content management, search and information retrieval, GIS and data visualization, and agile software development practices. She […]

drupal April 11

Integrating Drupal and Salesforce CRM

by Lev Tsypin, Thinkshout and Tom Williamson,  jacksonriver The Foundation is please to welcome guest bloggers Lev Tsypin,  Partner & Director of Engineering at Thinkshout and Tom Williamson, Founder and CEO – jacksonriver. Read more about the authors at the end of this post. Got Salesforce.com?  Got Drupal?  If so, then you probably have wanted to integrate your Drupal […]

gn06eu2jy86c3qvqfyrx April 08

Top 10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Salesforce App

by Brad Struss, Principal of Bigger Boat Consulting The Foundation is pleased to feature this guest blog post by Brad Struss, Principal of Bigger Boat Consulting. In addition to helping nonprofit organizations implement Salesforce, they are the consultant working with NCB Capital Impact to create HomeKeeper, a Salesforce AppExchange package for affordable homeownership programs. You are […]

url March 13

10 Ways for a Nonprofit to Use Chatter

by Alicia Schmidt, Director of Online and Adoption Marketing Chatter is a social tool that helps people and organizations collaborate instantly in context and get more done. It’s one single, secure environment that connects you to everything you need to better achieve your mission. But what exactly do you do with it? Here are our […]

url February 19

Client service goes mobile and social at Beyond 12

by Kevin Harris, Director, Human Services, Exponent Partners. We are pleased to welcome Kevin Harris, Director of Human Services with Exponent Partners as a guest blogger this month. As an example of a human service organization that has become more social, mobile and collaborative in order to best meet their mission, Kevin interviewed Adam Park, VP of Business Development at […]

We Can All Help: Home for the Holidays

by Barbara Kibbe, Chief Operating Officer Recent headlines have shed much needed light on the crisis of homelessness in San Francisco. The number of homeless families on the waiting list to enter shelters in San Francisco skyrocketed from 75 back in 2007 to more than 250 today. This holiday season, the San Francisco community is coming together […]

$1 million Raised to Support College Track

by Judy Levine, Director of Marketing Fall.  For many high school seniors it’s the busy time of finishing college applications—writing essays, polishing resumes, visiting campuses.  But for other students the promise of a college education and the opportunities it brings feels out of reach. That’s where College Track steps in.  College Track was founded in 1994 by […]

Measuring Adoption: Is your CRM solution healthy and growing?

by Alicia Schmidt, Customer Success Evangelist So, you’ve successfully set up your instance of Salesforce CRM, or you are newly responsible for managing your organization’s Salesforce CRM instance. Now what?Your salesforce.com org is living animal, getting fed data by a diverse group of users and growing and changing constantly over time. How do you know […]


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