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8259839847_fdb36ca64b_z January 30

Japan and Singapore Volunteering Update

by Haruka Maruno & Esther Nai, Community Engagement Coordinator Salesforce.com employees in Japan and Singapore office have dedicated their time to a variety of volunteering activities.  In Japan office, Cloudforce Japan and BizAcademy have finished successfully.  And, staff from the Singapore Office spent a day working with children from the AWWA Smiles programme. セールスフォース・ドットコム 日本とシンガポールオフィスのボランティア報告です。日本では、Cloudforce Japan […]

Dreaming a Future: BizAcademy Japan

by Haruka Maruno, Community Engagement Coordinator Japan On October 25th,  salesforce.com staff from the Tokyo office held their latest BizAcademy with  Multicultural Center Tokyo. They provide educational support for children from various countries. In total 30 students attended and enjoyed a two hour program with two sessions to draw their dream and career.  In the first […]


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